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Welcome to the Grasshopper


Also for the Smokers Lounge: access is only valid from the age of 18! See our house rules for this. In the new Lounge you can also quench your thirst and relax with alcohol-free drinks, snacks and sweets. In the Lounge area you will find various options to keep you entertained.
The comfortable sofas and seats invite you to chill out and relax.

We are opened from monday till sunday from 12.00 till 24.00 hour.

Gronausestraat 1208, 7534 AT Enschede (Overijssel) Netherlands


New Lounge

No weed of hash is sold in the Lounge!
Smoking goods can be bought downstairs. Of course, smoking materials can be smoked in the Lounge area.

In the lounge area you have the possibility to smoke your smoking materials with a water pipe. The water pipes are made available by the Grasshopper.

Diverse activities

Besides relaxing and smoking you can also play pool, darts, various card games or play on the playstation.

House rules

– Access from 18 years!
– Identity card is required at all times
– Hard drugs & alcohol are strictly forbidden
– Exclude the sale of weed or hashish to adults after age verification
– The maximum delivery is 5 grams

Nice man behind the counter, nice weed. Good.

Graham Morisson

This is so nice and such a good coffeeshop. I hope I can visit it again and again there’s nice weed and it’s a really nice shop.


Been there once. Worth of visit for tourists that look for nice weed shop. Staff is very kind.

Dawid Gorski

Good place and good atmosphere. Helpful staff.


Very nice shop, after the renovation it’s even better than before. Good products and a really nice place to relax.


Nice products, nice staff and nice atmospheer. When I’m in the area I always visit the Grasshopper!



Gronausestraat 1208
7534 AT Enschede